Yusuke Takase
FilmDirector / AnimationDirector

Yusuke Takase is a filmmaker based in Tokyo.
He belonged to an animation company studio4c as a animation director.
Then he joined the directors guild. focused on directing TV commercials.
Later he became independent from the company in 2018 and founded his own company "solo",
He was awarded in the Cannes Advertisement Award, Tokyo ADC Award, ACC Award Gold,Spaikes Asia.

アニメーション会社STUDIO4°CでCG/アニメーションディレクターとして活動。THE DIRECTORS GUILDに参加しTVCMを中心に演出。2018年soloを設立。
カンヌ広告賞、NY FESTIVAL賞、東京ADC賞、ACC賞、ADFEST、Spaikes Asiaを受賞。